The Best Music Awards Shows in the World

music awards

Music awards are a prestigious recognition for the best musicians and music of a particular year. There are several popular music award shows in the world, including the Grammys, BRITs, MTV Video Music Awards, and more. These shows are spectacles that celebrate the industry and give upcoming artists something to aspire to. They also help to keep the industry going by giving it a sense of purpose and keeping the creative industries employed.

The most famous music awards show in the world is the Grammys. It has been around for over 60 years and has evolved along with the music industry, recognizing new genres such as rock and rap. Its popularity has even led to the creation of spin-off awards shows such as the Radio Disney Music Awards, which ran from 2001 to 2019 and awarded kid friendly artists, and the YouTube Music Awards, which took place in 2013 and 2015 but appear to have been discontinued.

While the impact of winning an award carries significant commercial gain, critics have pointed out that the influence of awards may change the type of music being produced. For example, some musicians use their awards as leverage to push back against the safe, more conventional priorities of their record labels, a phenomenon most well-known in the case of pop singer George Michael’s protracted battle with Sony. Others have praised the effect of awards as a spur to innovation that pushes artists to the limits of their creativity.

Many of the best moments from the past decades of music awards shows have come from performances on stage. Some were more spectacular than others, but all of them made headlines and left an impression. One of the most memorable was when Elton John joined rapper Eminem on stage for a performance of “Stan.” Another iconic moment was when Jarvis Cocker ran onto the stage to create some commotion during Michael Jackson’s Earth Song at the 1996 Grammys.

One of the most recent and newest additions to the list of music award shows is the iHeartRadio Music Awards, which began in 2014. It is a popular American music awards show that gives nominations based on votes from its listeners. It is one of the most watched live events in the United States and is a great way to see the next big thing in music.

Other notable musical awards shows include the Latin Grammys, which have been around since 2005 and recognize the most popular music of the Spanish-speaking world. Other major music awards include the Billboard Music Awards, which were first presented in 1958, and the Brit Awards, known affectionately as the BRITS, which are presented by the British Phonographic Industry. The Mercury Prize, which is a similar honor to the Turner Prize in the art world and the Booker Prize in literature, is also given to UK musicians each year. There are usually 12 albums shortlisted for the prize each year, which are voted on by a panel of experts from across the music industry.