Bon Jovi is one of the most famous upscale singing groups in the world. We often hear his music on various media such as TV, radio and social media. Bon Jovi himself is a rock musician from New Jersey – America, to be precise in Saryreville. Until now they have managed to sell as many as 160 million albums worldwide since 1983.

Bon Jovi - One Of World's Most Legendary Band

The Bon Jovi group consists of vocalist Bon Jovi, drummer Tico Torres, guitarist Phil X, bassist Hugh McDonald and keyboard player David Bryan. Of course there are many members who have been in and out of this group, but the vocalist who makes this top group always looks different. Until now, the fans are still waiting for the band to launch a new album that will shake the world of music. Each of their concert tickets are always sold out without remaining because the number of fans is very large.

Bon Jovi’s Song – The All Time Song “It’s My Life”

One of his most worldwide works is the song It’s My Life which was released in 2000. This song is always remembered by everyone and will always be played anywhere. The song It’s My Life itself had won various prestigious awards at that time. But of course there are still many quality albums from them. Examples such as Keep The Faith and many others. Now Bon Jovi has released 13 albums, each of which has an extraordinary level of sales.

Various prestigious music awards such as Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nomination awards. This band is certainly highly respected by all circles. The vocalist himself was awarded as one of the Songwriter Hall Of Fame in 2009. Bon Jovi himself has performed more than 2,700 live concerts in various countries around the world. The number of fans alone is estimated to almost touch 35 million people.

Bon Jovi Merchandise Is Still A Coveted Item In The World

Currently, Bon Jovi merchandise is still being hunted and targeted in various parts of the world. Not infrequently various groups of ordinary fans and collectors of rare items continue to collect their merchandise. The price of the merchandise itself also varies greatly depending on the type of goods. Examples include photos, autographs, autographs, mics, original albums to guitars.

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