What is a Concert?


A concert is a live musical performance where musicians play music together for an audience. It may include a single musician playing a recital, or it can involve multiple performers performing a symphony or other large-scale musical composition. Often there is an element of visual entertainment with a stage and special effects such as lights or smoke. It can also be a theatrical performance where the music is used to act out a story. In some genres such as rock or dance concerts there is usually a lot of audience participation. This can include dancing, singing and moshing. Concerts can take place in a wide variety of settings, from houses and small clubs to dedicated concert halls, stadiums and arenas. The term is also sometimes applied to performances which do not feature musicians, but rather pre-recorded or computer generated music. Informal names for a concert include show and gig.

The word concert derives from the Italian concetto, meaning a “congregation”. The idea behind the concert was that it brought together works that could be listened to and enjoyed in an informal setting. The concert as a form of public music-making has changed considerably since the 18th century, but its general purpose remains the same: to bring works that can be appreciated for their own sakes to an audience likely to appreciate them.

A concert can be a great way to discover new bands and artists. It is a good opportunity to listen to different styles of music and find out what type of music you like best. It can also be a good way to socialise with friends or family members.

Music lovers often attend a concert to hear their favourite artists or bands play live. They can be very entertaining and provide an excellent atmosphere for those in attendance. A good venue can make or break a concert and it is important to find one that has the right acoustics and lighting for the genre of music being played.

Food is normally available at a concert, although it tends to be more limited than a full on festival. Some popular choices are falafel and pitta bread, noodles from noodle bars and halloumi. A concert can also have a good range of drinks including beer, wine and soft drinks.

Originally a concert was a posh event where well-dressed music lovers would sit in large halls facing a stage to listen to beautifully played classical music. The concert as a modern day phenomenon is much more inclusive than this, however. The cosmopolitan aspects of music in the early 21st century have led to more multi-cultural concerts and a greater diversity of works being programmed. As a result, the “between” has ceased to exist in the strong sense that François Nicolas meant it, and music has learned to celebrate itself instead, using its venues as new temples. The challenge is to balance these two polarities.