What is a Concert?

In music, a concert is an event where a group of musicians performs live for a audience. Concerts can be given by a single musician, called a recital, or by groups such as an orchestra or choir. They can be held in special venues designed for the purpose, such as concert halls, or in large buildings like stadiums or arenas. A concert may also be given in the open air. The term concert is also used for a series of performances, often with the same band or artist, called a tour. The informal names for concerts are show and gig.

A concert may involve other arts such as dance or drama. If a story is told with the music it is usually described as musical theater or opera. There are also concerts that use light shows or other visual effects. Rock concerts are especially well known for their elaborate visual staging and set designs.

The word concert comes from the Latin concentia, meaning “concentration.” The first concerts were held at the end of the 17th century in England and in the early 18th century in France. They were attended by people of a wide social range and reflected the growing democratic spirit. Concert societies were formed to promote new music.

As the 19th century progressed, the concert grew in popularity in the United States and other countries. New venues and larger audiences were drawn to the concerts. As the concert became more prestigious, a higher standard was demanded of the performers. The concerts also reflected the rise of nationalism in many nations at this time.

Until recently, most concerts were performed in small halls or private houses. But in the 1980s, amplified sound systems and lights that could do whatever a lighting designer wanted to do allowed concerts to be held in a variety of larger spaces. Some of these are outdoor events, such as festivals. The most popular events, however, are concerts held in indoor stadiums or arenas.

When a band goes on tour, it is usually to give concerts at various locations. A tour is a series of concerts where the same band or artist plays each night. A large part of the draw for these concerts is that fans can see their favourite bands together in one place. While most tours feature several other bands as support acts, the headliners are the main attraction for most of the tickets sold. The concert experience is enhanced by a great atmosphere created by the crowd and the fact that most of the people in the room share a love for the same music. The experience is even more intense at a music festival, where there are usually no support acts. A festival is also normally a multiday event and allows for camping, which makes it an ideal weekend getaway. The campers are in a very focused state of mind as they listen to their music, which helps them get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.