What is a Concert?


A concert is a musical event where musicians, bands or artists perform in front of an audience. This can range from small intimate concerts to large scale events held in stadiums or arenas. Musical genres can include rock, pop, jazz and classical. In addition to the music played or sung at the concert there are often visual effects and stage setups that help create an atmosphere and enhance the experience for the audience.

The concert has a long history of being a place where people come together to listen and enjoy the music of others. It has also been a place where a variety of social and political issues have been debated and discussed.

In the modern era the concert has become a popular form of entertainment and can be seen taking place in a wide range of venues from local pubs to village halls all the way up to massive football stadiums or sports arenas. The concerts can feature one band or many and the headliners are usually well known musicians who have a dedicated fan base. The support acts are normally up and coming bands or in the case of more established bands may be former members of the band.

During the 17th century and into the early 18th century, concerts began to take shape in Europe. The concert as we know it today evolved over time: the concept of the work, the silence and the venue were all refined. As the concert became more standardized, musicians became better trained and performances were given in halls that could accommodate their instruments. In the 19th century, the concert reached new heights in the United States as orchestras were formed and professional performers were brought in from abroad to reach a level equal to European cities.

There is something about listening to music in a live performance that can make the audience feel connected to the performer and the songs being played. It is also thought that music can have a therapeutic effect and relieve stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that listening to music can lower cortisol levels and reduce blood pressure. This is why hospitals use music to relax patients before and during procedures.

Concerts are not only for those who enjoy the great classics but can also be an experience for younger children as well. There are a number of different types of concerts for young children that focus on learning an instrument or singing. These are often called kid’s concerts and are very similar to chamber concerts except they are geared towards younger children and their families. Typically, children’s concerts are performed at school gymnasiums and auditoriums as well as family functions.