Bon Jovi Concert Review

bon jovi concert

Bon Jovi is one of those legendary bands that have been around forever, and has been able to adapt and grow with the times while still remaining true to their core sound. They started off in the glam scene and moved into a softer, more pop oriented style in the 1990s, but have always kept their signature sound. It’s a sound that has sold millions of records worldwide, with songs like Livin’ On A Prayer, It’s My Life and Wanted Dead or Alive being among the band’s biggest hits.

While some may say that the band has gone off the rails a bit since founding guitarist Richie Sambora left in 2013, it’s hard to argue with the fact that the group is still one of the most popular rock acts alive today. The new lineup is still able to fill arenas and sell tickets, even though the band has taken some criticism for Jon Bon Jovi’s live singing voice.

The lead singer has never been a technical singer, but it’s definitely becoming a challenge for him to hit all of the higher notes while performing live. That said, he has a way of connecting with the crowd, and is an expert at controlling the show from the stage. Even when he misses a note or two, the crowd still roars and goes wild for the songs that everyone knows and loves.

The rest of the band, consisting of drummer Tico Torres, keyboardist David Bryan and bassist Hugh McDonald, have also proven to be an excellent live act. They play the band’s hits with a stunning level of proficiency, and are able to recreate their studio recordings with a certain amount of live oomph. While the band’s newest material hasn’t quite exploded to the same heights as their ’80s hits, it’s certainly not bad by any means.

A massive network of lights, pyro and video screens proves that this is a rock show worthy of an arena, and the crowd goes wild for it. It’s a show that’s reminiscent of the hair metal era, and there are plenty of jumping jacks, jazz hands, surfer’s crouches and rump-wriggling going on. Jon’s enthusiasm never dwindles, and he’s clearly enjoying the energy of the audience as much as they are enjoying themselves.

If you’re ready to get your tickets for a bon jovi concert, simply select the venue and date that you’re interested in from the list below. Then, follow the link to find a list of available tickets in the price range that works best for you. You can also view the venue’s seating chart to help you determine the best place to sit for a particular show. Then, complete the three easy steps to confirm your purchase and receive your tickets in the mail. Bon Jovi has been one of the most influential rock bands in history, and a show at an arena near you is sure to be a lot of fun!