The Grammys Will Change How They Recognise Music Achievement

music awards

While a chart-topping album or hit single might appear to be the work of one artist, it’s actually an amalgamation of many. The creation of a song requires the hands of not just the singer, songwriter and producer, but also editors, videographers and engineers. It’s no wonder, then, that music awards exist in the first place — to recognise the hard work involved in making music.

The most coveted prize in the world of music is the Grammy Award. With a prestigious trophy that’s said to be shaped like an atom and a sphere, the annual Grammys have been described as “the Oscars of the music world” and an event where artists from all over the globe come together to celebrate their accomplishments. While some artists snub the ceremony, others take it very seriously.

As a result, the Grammys have been accused of rewarding artists with more success based on chart placement and sales, rather than artistic merit. That might explain why the record industry has been rethinking how to reward musical achievement, and the Grammys have announced that it will be changing how categories are awarded in 2023.

The new categories will reflect how music is created in the modern era. “We are putting the focus on people who contribute to the creative process and are not just based on the performance of songs,” the Recording Academy president told Variety. The Grammys will introduce eight new categories, including best global music video and new technologies, to better recognise the varying ways in which people create music.

Despite the controversy surrounding the changes, some music fans still hold the Grammys in high regard. They’re a great way to recognise the whole team behind a track, whether it’s an editor who’s helped shape the sound of an album or a videographer who’s shot a live performance.

And the most important thing to remember about any music award is that it’s not meant to be a ‘one size fits all’ trophy. It’s meant to be a token of recognition for the hard work that goes into creating music, and for the people who bring it to life in front of thousands of fans and millions more on streaming services and TV shows across the globe.

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