New Song – Revelation 5

When a new song is released, it can be a huge hit for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a single can make a big impact because of its lyrics or production; other times, the song will be a hit because of its catchy beats or upbeat rhythm. Regardless of the reason for the song’s success, it can have a positive impact on society and bring hope to those who listen to it.

In Revelation 5, the new song in response to this new act of redemption consists of four qualitative aspects: (1) it is for God; (2) it is accomplished through Christ’s blood; (3) it is universal (every tribe, tongue, people, and nation); and (4) it establishes God’s kingdom or rule. The song is also a call to worship the Lamb, affirming his great worth and extolling him for his work of salvation. The song of a new creation is reminiscent of the Israelites’ songs of praise in Exodus and Deuteronomy, but unlike those old songs, this one is a new song in the context of a new and eternal covenant.

Unlike other songs that are based on personal experiences, “New Song” is an empowering anthem for anyone looking to overcome challenges. Its uplifting melody and empowering lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their individuality, let go of the past, and find strength within themselves. It also promotes self-discovery and self-expression, which are important for maintaining mental health.

This new track from Mitski marks a departure from her synth-pop on Laurel Hell, and shows off her strength as an artist who can deliver with just the bare necessities. Over a thumping four-on-the-floor beat, she scorches her ex and his championship bona fides, calling him a Casio/Twingo compared to her Rolex/Ferrari. Yet, she’s not afraid to emote at times, too, with the spare verses and powerful choir that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Pastor Taiwo said that having a deep relationship with God and allowing the Holy Spirit in our lives emboldens us to sing a new song irrespective of our situations. He noted that God wants us to reach out to Him for help and He will answer our prayers in His time. He further said that the secret of getting divine intervention in our situations is by speaking and reaching out to Him. He advised believers to “sing a new song if the Lord put a new one in your mouth.” “Don’t wait for a superb circumstance before you start singing,” he added. The new song that He has given you will be a blessing to others and give you confidence in Him. Then, he will hear you when you shout to Him. This is what a true believer does. Copyright 2017 Baker Book House. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Baker Book House.