Bon Jovi Concert Review

bon jovi concert

Bon Jovi is back with another tour and a new album, proving that they’re still the go-to rock band for arena fans. This show was sold out and the crowd loved every minute of it. The opening act, Pioneer Salesmen from Alton, IL, was fantastic and set the tone for the evening.

The show was two hours long and the band hit all the high points of their career. They opened with ‘Always’ and the crowd went wild. They played everything from their hair metal period up to their most recent album, 2020.

Jon’s voice seemed to be getting worse but he kept the crowd happy with a great mix of hits. He also had a few acoustic songs which were nice. Jon and the band were all having a great time on stage.

He even stopped the show for a few minutes and came down off the stage to meet some of his fans. He even got the sound guy onstage to sing with him. He also took the opportunity to talk about the COVID-19 pandemic which was nice for the crowd.

The show was a little different than a normal concert in that there wasn’t any smoke or pyro. There was a massive network of lights though which made it rock show worthy. The show ended with ‘Bad Medicine’ and everyone in the arena was singing along.

This was a great concert and I would recommend anyone to go see them when they come to your town. You will be glad you did!

A limited-run channel on SiriusXM honors the legacy of the rock band. Bon Jovi Radio features concert performances from the band’s catalog as well as interviews with the members of the group. In addition to the SiriusXM channel, Bon Jovi is currently working on a sequel to their album 2020, which was released in October of this year.

In 2019, Bon Jovi launched a cruise that put one of the biggest rock stars in the world front and center. The four-day cruise, Runaway to Paradise, onboard Norwegian Jade was full of music, wine, sunshine and throwbacks to the ’80s.

Jon Bon Jovi isn’t the most talented singer in the rock era but that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the biggest bands of all time. His charisma and the band’s huge choruses kept people coming back for more. But now he’s starting to lose his voice and that’s worrying fans. The band will continue to play their huge hits and prove that arena rock isn’t dead, even if Jon’s voice isn’t what it used to be.