What is a Concert?


A concert is a performance where many musicians play music together to an audience. They may perform in a theater which has been designed for this purpose, or they can also play in other places, such as a church, school hall, nightclub, or even the open air, such as a large field or stadium. The performers at a concert are normally raised above the level of the audience on a stage. They may be supported by a choir, or they might just be accompanied by a pianist or keyboard player. There can sometimes be a visual element to a concert, such as a light show or video projections. Some concerts are very energetic, and the performers encourage audience participation. This can include dancing and singing along. Some examples of these are the Rolling Stones and KISS. There are also concerts which are very classical in style, with a full orchestra. A concert can be a great way to hear some of the best music ever written, and a chance for an audience to experience the thrill of live entertainment.

Historically, concerts have been a part of the musical heritage in Europe and America. In the 18th century, they became more common in New York City when a number of symphony orchestras were founded. These, along with the prosperity of the country, attracted European talent and ensured that American musicians remained up to high standards.

Today, concerts are a popular form of musical entertainment, and they can be held in a wide range of venues. Some are very large, with an audience of thousands, and others are more intimate, such as a house concert. There are also festivals which take place over several days, with a number of artists playing on stages around a large area. These tend to have a more general admission price and are normally less expensive than a normal concert.

The word concert is derived from the Latin verb “concordare” meaning to agree or be in harmony. The etymology of the word has been lost over time, but it probably comes from the idea of joining forces and performing a piece of music together. It is also used in the sense of an agreement on a design or plan. The modern era of amplified speaker systems and powerful lighting has allowed concerts to be performed in the smallest village halls all the way up to massive stadiums.

There are a huge variety of different types of concert available to attend, and New York is home to some of the best and most famous venues in the world. Whether you are looking for a hip-hop show at an intimate bar, or the symphony of Beethoven and Stravinsky in one of the city’s most historic theatres, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.