Bon Jovi Shirts

bon jovi shirts

Bon Jovi is a global rock super-band from New Jersey that has toured the world over and sold more than 100 million albums. Their songs are on every classic rock playlist and staples for karaoke nights everywhere. Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi is a poster boy for hair-rock heartthrobs and has a deep voice that could cut through the loudest arena. He and the rest of the band have produced hits that span 3 decades. From Slippery When Wet to Have a Nice Day and Livin’ on a Prayer – these guys are modern rock legends.

The Bon Jovi t-shirts we feature on this page are all made from premium quality materials and feature the band’s iconic logo and album artwork. Many of the shirts have the “heart and dagger” logo that has become one of the most recognizable emblems in rock n roll. You can find a wide variety of t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve graphic tees and more, all featuring the Bon Jovi brand.

This tee features the original cover art for the band’s 1986 album Slippery When Wet. The original artwork was originally supposed to be a trash bag but it was changed after executives feared the cover would be sexist. The record was a huge hit and featured songs like “Let It Rock” and ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’.

After a few years hiatus the band came back with the album Keep the Faith in 1992 and the 1995 release These Days. This was a colossal step forward and an album that showcased the best of the band. Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora’s voices were a perfect combination and the social commentary on the record was not overwrought.

The band continues to tour the world and they have had more success than any other American rock band of their time. They have played more than 2,700 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 34 million fans and they are still going strong! They have also been inducted into the UK music hall of fame and into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jon and the rest of the band have a reputation for being true entertainers and their concerts always sell out.