Bon Jovi Shirts Are More Than Just Apparel

A Bon Jovi shirt is more than just apparel — it’s a badge of honor, a symbol of timeless music and unwavering fandom. For three decades the New Jersey rockers have staved off music industry irrelevancy and kept their millions of fans swayed with their power ballads and epic guitar solos. From Slippery When Wet to Have a Nice Day to Livin’ on a Prayer, the band continues to keep the faith and sell out stadiums worldwide.

As one of the biggest bands in the world, the band has inspired an entire generation of rabid fanbases. The cult-like status of the group has created its own lexicon. JoviHolic: a permanent condition in which hardcore fans will sell all of their possessions and even mortgage their homes in order to secure tickets to Bon Jovi concerts. JoviTopia: the idyllic fantasy land frozen in time where Jon is a big-haired rock god, Richie Sambora is a guitar-wielding superhero, and Tico a conductor of a little rock band that could move the sky.

HRH: The regal title Jon Bon Jovi has bestowed upon himself due to his imposing ego and impressive physique. The adulation he receives from his fans has given him the aura of a sovereign. JoviNation: the all-encompassing fan club that includes every card-carrying member of the JoviHolic mob. It’s a tight-knit community of like-minded rockers who will defend the honor of their idols from any and all critics – especially on Twitter.

After a hiatus from the recording industry, the band re-formed in 1992 and released their fifth album Keep the Faith. The record marked a musical departure from their previous efforts with more piano based ballads and epic guitar solos. The record also featured some of their biggest hits including In These Arms and Bed of Roses.

The band’s next album was 1995’s These Days which marked a more skeptical and meditative sound. The record’s social commentary could have been overwrought but producer Peter Collins struck the perfect balance between the band’s different influences.

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