Bon Jovi Shirts For the Music Nerd

bon jovi shirts

Rock tees for the music nerd who can’t get enough of American singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi. From iconic images to lyrics from the band’s biggest hits, these shirts are sure to satisfy every fan. Whether you’re a longtime Bon Jovi maniac or a newbie just discovering their music, these designs will transport you back to the days when big hair and spandex reigned supreme.

BonJovism: a unique language the band’s fans use to communicate their love and devotion. Words like OBWanBonJovi: an affectionate take on Star Wars Jedi Knight OB1Kinobe or Stinkeye: an expression of disapproval when Richie Sambora makes a musical faux pas such as playing the wrong note on Wanted Dead or Alive.

LaFamigliaJovi: the legion of wives and children that seem to have sprung from the well-toned loins of Jon Bon Jovi. From Mrs. DulceSambora and Ticos Temptress to Davids Diva, these dedicated followers are a true testament to the band’s undying loyalty.

BonJoviNation: a global community of fanatics united by their common bond in adoration for the band and their music. Once a member of this exclusive club you are card-carrying for life. You’re also forever a Kool Aid drinker and can’t resist berating those who disagree with your adoration of the band. You’re not afraid to brag about your JoviPalooza or the swanky hotel suite you snagged for the show. You know that “Slippery When Wet” will be the opening song no matter what the venue is.

Keep the Faith Tour: Bon Jovi’s colossal attempt at reinvention after the commercial failure of their previous album, These Days. While the record contains an impressive collage of influences (soul, R&B and 70’s and 90’s rock) it sounds distinctly like Bon Jovi and its a clear step forward for the band.

This graphic tee celebrates the historic 1988 Bon Jovi America Tour. The design captures the era’s sense of freedom and unbridled passion. It’s the perfect tee to pair with jeans, joggers, sweats or shorts. It will be your go-to piece for the concert season and beyond. Made of 100% cotton. Made in USA. Machine washable.