Bon Jovi Tour

bon jovi tour

Bon Jovi Tour

Rock band Bon Jovi is the kind of act that can still fill arenas with thousands of devoted fans, decades after its formation. Its hits have become iconic, with songs such as Slippery When Wet and Bad Medicine reaching across generations and bringing audiences to their feet.

While Bon Jovi is one of the biggest bands in history and has sold over 100 million records, it still remains a popular live act with many fans willing to spend hundreds to see them perform. Bon Jovi is a true legend and an icon of the 80s and they are continuing to tour the world even as their heyday is over.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the band continues to play shows with the help of drive-in theaters that record their concerts and broadcast them in place of the normal movie showings. This is an experience that is unique and gives fans the chance to feel like they are in the audience, even if they are actually in their car.

The show was recorded at the Paramount Theatre in New Jersey and aired on Saturday. It included 19 songs, spanning from the current album 2020 to older hits like You Give Love A Bad Name. The band was in fine form, with lead guitarist Phil X providing plenty of fire and energy. Bassist Hugh McDonald and drummer Tico Torres also performed well. Unfortunately, singer Jon Bon Jovi is no longer the force he was in the past and struggled at times to sing high notes.

This was an excellent, high-energy concert that repaid the fans who were able to attend. The venue was a great setting, as the acoustics were terrific and there was plenty of room for fans to dance. The set list was excellent and the band played everything that they are known for including some of their latest singles.

The concert was filmed for an Encore Drive-In Nights special that will air later this year, and it should provide fans with a nice taste of what to expect when they see the band in person. There was no pyrotechnics or stage effects, but the venue was rock-show worthy and it felt much like a regular live Bon Jovi performance. This is a must-see for any fan of the band. The concert was a great reminder of why Bon Jovi is such a legendary rock band and why they are so incredibly popular with all ages.