The Evolution of the Concert

The term concert is often used in the music industry to describe a live performance that takes place in a large venue and attracts a lot of people. Generally a concert will have a number of bands playing alongside one headliner band. The headliners are the bands that most people will be there to see and they usually have a dedicated fan base. The support bands are often up and coming bands or they may be bigger well known bands. Often the support band will be playing in the same genre as the headliner and this is a good way for them to get some extra attention from the audience.

In the early 1970s there was a big move to push music concerts forward with technology and lighting. Bands like Hawkwind and Pink Floyd helped to create the modern concert experience with their amazing light shows that created a visual experience that added to the music. This set a new standard for music concerts that many bands still try to beat.

With the development of the concert there was a rise in political movements such as nationalism which encouraged concert societies to be formed for the purpose of promoting national music in countries around Europe. This also meant that concerts were becoming more social events as people from different social backgrounds attended the same events. This was a great change for the music of that time as it had previously been only for the court or church and now it was for all to enjoy.

A concert is not just a music event it is also a chance for musicians to network with their fans and build up a contact list of potential customers. This can be very useful when it comes to future gigs and getting more work. Many bands have been successful after having a good following at a few concerts.

The most famous concert of all was probably Woodstock in 1969 which is considered to be the best live show in history. Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and a whole host of other great bands all performed there which was a watershed moment in music history. It completely redefinition what a concert could be and gave bands the opportunity to make money from their performances which they had never really been able to do before.

The dividing line between a concert and a show is the venue. A show will have a stage that is designed for visuals and is optimized for the performance. A concert will have a band that is usually playing in an arena or other large space with a bandstand. Some shows will include a special effects element such as lasers and other lights but this is not always the case and it is more down to the individual bands what they want to do at their concerts. The most important thing is to have a good sound system so the music can be heard and enjoyed by all the people attending the show.