Bon Jovi Band History

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With millions of albums sold and a string of #1 singles to their name, Bon Jovi has proven that it’s possible to bridge the gap between heavy metal and pop with style. The band, formed in 1983 in Sayreville, New Jersey has a devoted following and is renowned for its all-American sound that has touched hearts around the world. The group’s strategy was simple: Write well-crafted rock songs with a pop sheen, play your heart out every time you step on stage, always exceed the expectations of your fans, and look good while doing it.

After the success of their debut album ‘Runaway’, Bon Jovi toured extensively as opening acts for established artists like.38 Special and Ted Nugent. In 1989, the band released their fourth studio album ‘New Jersey’ which topped the American charts. The album also marked the departure of original bassist Alec John Such who was replaced by Hugh McDonald.

In 1992, the band went on an 18-month world tour in support of their fifth studio album ‘Keep the Faith.’ The record was a major hit and the band received rave reviews. However, the touring was extremely draining and eventually took a toll on the band members. By 1993, the members were exhausted and decided to take a sabbatical.

During their hiatus, the band members pursued separate projects. Jon Bon Jovi began working in film composing for the first time and wrote songs for several movies. He and Sambora also set up their own record label ‘Jambco Records’ and produced Aldo Nova’s and Billy Falcon’s albums.

At the same time, drummer Tico Torres played golf and recorded his third studio album ‘Blaze of Glory’. Meanwhile, guitarist Phil X continued to play in the local music scene and was a member of the hard rock band The Drills. Bassist Hugh McDonald, the only member of the band who has been with them since their formation, was a musician in his own right. He played with many artists including Willie Nelson, Ringo Starr and Cher.

After a four year hiatus, the band reunited in 2000 with the release of their seventh album ‘Crush.’ The album yielded two top 10 hits ‘Bed of Roses’ and ‘Keep the Faith.’ The following year, the band released a Christmas album ‘Christmas with You’.

Over the years, Bon Jovi has continued to tour and produce a string of successful albums. In 2017, the band was inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’. Jon Bon Jovi continues to pursue a successful solo career and has been busy with his foundation, ‘Bon Jovi Soul’ which addresses issues of homelessness and hunger. The rest of the band members have also pursued other interests and careers. Bassist Hugh McDonald has played with other artists such as Stevie Nicks, Alice Cooper and Ricky Martin. He has also done numerous television shows and film roles.