The Epitome of the New Song

new song

A new song is one that has not been sung before. Throughout history, there have been many new songs to praise God for his redemptive acts of deliverance and grace in the lives of his people. Each one of us will add stanzas to this new song, as we praise God progressively and continually for all he has done through Christ Jesus.

For a brief time, it seemed that new songs were a thing of the past. Then, a band by the name of NewSong recorded a live worship album and DVD that became an instant success. It was titled Sheltering Tree and released in 2000. It is the band’s biggest mainstream hit to date, and it gave rise to a series of best-selling books and a Christmas movie.

In a way, NewSong has become the epitome of the “new song.” It’s amazing how this once-small band from a small Georgia church could have a huge impact worldwide through music alone.

This week, the band released a new song called “Brighter Days.” The track is a reflective song that speaks about the ups and downs of life. It’s also a teaser for their upcoming album, PTRN SKY!, which is set to drop in May.

Country artist Wade Bowen also released a new single this week. The track is a moving song about the end of a relationship. It’s a sad, beautiful song that will surely resonate with fans.

Americana singer-songwriter Angel Olsen released a beautiful single called “Forever Means.” The song is a powerful ballad that speaks about loss and moving on. It’s an emotional song that showcases the talent of this talented artist.

Producer Jamie xx is back with another club-ready single. This time, it’s “Kill Dem,” a song that celebrates London’s Notting Hill Carnival. The song will be on a full-length project, which is expected to be out later this year.

Kevin Morby has long been fascinated by death. He explored the subject on his 2019 album, Oh My God, and his 2020 follow-up, Sundowner. However, on his new single, “This Is a Photograph,” he flips that motif around and turns it into a song that feels alive.

Doechii flips the overused drug anthem trope on its head with this slinky club-ready single. It’s a great dance record that showcases the talent of this no-fucks-given artist. He’s part of a class of young artists who are eager to show their visions. Check out the new song below.