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With a slew of hits, Bon Jovi has proven that their ’80s-era rock sound can be relevant decades after the original albums were released. They’ve amped up the energy on their tours, delivering memorable hits and a healthy dose of new material at every show.

The band is touring to promote its latest album, 2020, and its fans are excited about the new music and getting to see their favorite band live. Find a local Bon Jovi concert and buy tickets today!

Almost a decade after their last tour, Bon Jovi has finally hit the road again. This time, they’re going to be playing a 15-date tour in support of their latest album, “2020,” which was released in October of this year and reached the top 20 on the Billboard 200.

Their current tour, dubbed the Bon Jovi 2022 Tour, is set to begin April 1 in Omaha, Nebraska and travel throughout the Midwest and southern United States before finishing up at Nashville, Tennessee on April 30th. Check out the dates below to see which shows are available in your area and purchase tickets online.

Jon Bon Jovi is a very good singer, but his vocals aren’t perfect when he performs live. Several of the recent reviews from the first three cities on the band’s tour have noted that his voice isn’t quite right, and it’s an issue that Bon Jovi has had for years.

That’s not to say that the group won’t improve as they go along. Their performance at HP on Monday night, which they’ve billed as their “New Country” tour, was a much more satisfying experience than the band’s muddled show in April 2008 that saw them lose all their momentum after a few songs.

They opened the show with two tracks off their most recent album, “Limitless” and “Beautiful Drug,” both of which showed a strong lower range that made them more effective than the older tunes. The band’s harmonies were spot-on, though they didn’t seem as tight as on their ’80s classics like Slippery When Wet and New Jersey.

While the band’s current music isn’t quite as classic as their heyday, it still sounds good and is still catchy enough to make a crowd dance. The band’s musicians are all excellent, including founding drummer Tico Torres and keyboardist David Bryan.

The guitar work of Richie Sambora is also very good, if not quite as intricate and complex as it was back in the ’80s. His licks were on point, even if they didn’t always match the lyrics.

But the one thing that kept this night from being a total train wreck was Jon Bon Jovi’s enthusiasm for the music. The singer’s passion for the songs never waned, even as they moved into country-tinged tunes and more modern hits, including the song that ended the night, “Bad Medicine.”

The concert was a lot of fun, especially for the audience. They’re all diehards, and they were happy to hear the hits and a few new songs. They’re also very supportive of their rock stars and were happy to see them return to the stage after a long absence.