What Is a Concert?


A concert is a musical performance, often with a live audience. It can be an instrumental or vocal performance and may take place in a concert hall or other performing arts venue, such as an amphitheater or theater.

A recital is a type of concert in which a single performer or group of performers, such as a choir or orchestra, perform a variety of songs and works, usually accompanied by a piano, or other instrument, such as an organ. A piano recital is a popular form of music performed by pianists and is considered one of the most important forms of classical music.

Chamber concerts are small performances by a group of musicians and are often referred to as the “music of friends”. These types of concerts tend to be smaller and more intimate than symphony orchestras and feature less instruments, with a focus on blending the instruments together for a more personal sound.

In early centuries, the term “concert” was used to refer to events where amateurs met and shared their experiences through music. These gatherings were a part of the activities at the German universities and Italian academies, as well as the early concert societies in France and England.

The first known public concert for which admission was charged took place in London at the home of violinist John Banister in Whitefriars in 1672. Six years later, a charcoal seller in Clerkenwell named Thomas Britton established weekly concerts at his loft for a subscription rate of 10 shillings a year.

There were many different kinds of music concerts throughout history, ranging from classical music to rock, folk, and jazz. Some of these types of concerts also have a specific purpose, such as raising money for charity.

Concerts were originally held in churches and cathedrals, as well as at private homes of the nobility. These concerts were primarily for the benefit of the upper classes, though they were open to all who had the means to attend.

As the world grew more industrial, the concert evolved to include a wide variety of musical genres. Classical music, rock, and pop were among the most popular types of concerts.

Traditionally, concerts were held in large rooms or theaters with a number of seats, and they were primarily a venue for formal classical music. However, in the twentieth century, a variety of new music venues and technologies were developed that allowed for more diverse styles of music to be performed.

In the 21st century, the concert has expanded to include virtual reality technology, such as Wave whose mission is to create live, immersive virtual concerts that allow viewers to experience music from all over the world in an interactive manner.

The word “concert” comes from the Latin word “concerne,” meaning to settle, adjust, or come into agreement. The word can also be derived from French, a descendant of the Italian word for “to arrange.”