Jon Bon Jovi

jon bon jovi

Jon Bon Jovi was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey in 1962. He is the son of John Francis Bongiovi, Sr. and Carol. After his childhood, Jon took up playing the guitar. In the early 1980s, Bon Jovi recorded his first single, “Runaway.”

In 1986, Bon Jovi became a member of the band John Bongiovi and the Wild Ones. His song, “Wanted Dead or Alive,” is a unique power ballad that is both poignant and cool. Often compared to Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page,” it’s a powerful tune that men can listen to and dig.

Bon Jovi has starred in numerous films and TV shows. He has appeared in Pay It Forward, U-571, and Ally McBeal. Although he has a busy career, he has found time to work on a number of community projects. For instance, in 2000, he helped campaign for Al Gore’s presidential campaign. Later that year, he campaigned for President Barack Obama and he is currently a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions.

Bon Jovi has also become an avid political activist. He has lent his voice to several campaigns, including the campaign for John Kerry in 2004, the campaign for Barack Obama in 2008, and the campaign for Senator Al Gore in 2009. Besides the starring role, he has worked on other campaigns to raise awareness about various issues.

When Bon Jovi was a teenager, he dreamed of becoming a rock star. This was possible with the release of his debut album, Slippery When Wet, which went platinum within six weeks of its release. At the same time, the album hit #1 on the Billboard charts, and spawned three songs that reached the top of the charts.

“High School Romance” was inspired by the love of Jon’s high school days. Bon Jovi’s high school sweetheart was Dorothea Hurley.

The band has sold 130 million records worldwide. Bon Jovi has also won an honorary doctorate of humanities from Monmouth University. Their albums have become commercial sensations, earning them the nickname “The American Band.” They have been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Several of their albums have topped the Billboard charts.

The Bon Jovi Soul Foundation works on a number of issues. They focus on issues related to hunger, economic despair, and environmental concerns. Some of their campaigns have raised money for charities, like the Parker Family Health Clinic, and other charities. They have also been involved in relief efforts following the Haiti Earthquake.

Jon Bon Jovi’s latest single, “Limitless,” is due out on October 2, 2020. He recently performed at Fanticritti, Carrara, on May 26, 2012. He has also released two songs for the Al Pacino movie Stand Up Guys.

Bon Jovi has been elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As of late 2017, he has had twelve studio albums, and he is expected to have a new one out in 2020. Currently, he is promoting his latest album, Because We Can: The Tour.