New Songs For Praise

new song

New songs are written to praise the Lord. There are several references to new songs throughout the Bible. In fact, each generation of God’s people has written a new song to express their praise.

One of the most notable examples of this is the song “What’s New?” by Benny Goodman and His Orchestra, which was recorded in 1939. The song was a hit and reached the top of the charts for several weeks. It has also been a favorite of Dexter Gordon.

Another famous example of a song that praises the Lord is the hymn, “The Christmas Blessing.” This song was recorded by a group called NewSong, and the group’s version was later turned into a TV movie. Since then, the song has been a favored holiday tradition.

In a broader sense, NewSong has a long history of involvement with World Vision. From the 1980s to the present day, the band has supported numerous organizations that help abandoned children. In 2005, the group was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Other NewSong projects include their musical, One Heart At A Time. Founded in Valdosta, Georgia in 1981, NewSong has become an internationally recognized Christian music group. They have won a GMA Dove Award for Musical of the Year, and have received twelve Dove Award nominations.

NewSong is also known for its collaboration with DC Daniel, who has produced many of the band’s albums. DC Daniel worked with the group to create production ideas for their releases. He also penned a bonus track for the album, “The Christmas Shoes.”

When NewSong first started out, the group consisted of four members: Eddie Carswell, Scotty Wilbanks, Russ Lee, and Leonard Ahlstrom. All but Wilbanks left in 2000 to form Third Day. Later that year, Russ Lee rejoined the group as a lead singer.

While their most popular singles were produced by DC Daniel, they have also collaborated with other artists. Some of the groups they have worked with include Omar Apollo, Ozuna, and Bad Life. Kali Uchis, a former member of Third Day, has also worked with the group on several projects. Her third full-length album, I Wish You Roses, was released in 2023.

NewSong is known for their ability to produce a wide variety of music styles. Their most popular album, All Around the World, included four Top Ten hits. Among those hits were the Billboard chart-topper “The Christmas Shoes,” which topped the Adult Contemporary Chart and the Billboard Top 50 for three weeks.

A recent release by NewSong, “Dead Don’t Die,” is a soaring music video that celebrates the power of the band’s signature energy. The song has a soaring descant that keeps the verses jubilant. The band also recently announced that they will release a vinyl album in March.

NewSong has been nominated for one Grammy Award, and they have received twelve GMA Dove Award nominations. But it is their ability to bring their own vision to the table that makes them an exciting artist to watch.