Revelation 5: A New Song Is Sung

new song

In Revelation 5, we read of a new song being sung. The song is a praise song, praising the Lamb for His redemptive work in Christ’s death. The Hebrew word for “new” means fresh and renewed. We should sing a new song to the Lord in our daily lives.

NewSong is an American contemporary Christian music group founded in Valdosta, Georgia, in 1981. The band has received twelve GMA Dove Award nominations and one Grammy Award nomination. Among its many accomplishments, NewSong has been involved in many charitable causes, including the care of abandoned children. For years, the group worked with World Vision, and in 2006, it joined forces with Holt International, a children’s charity based in Uganda.

The New Song movement spread throughout Latin America, and its lyrics were often politically charged. As a result, the ruling dictatorships took action against the musicians and their songs. In Chile, for example, Augusto Pinochet banned many traditional Andean instruments and tried to suppress the New Song Movement. Victor Jara, one of the leading artists in the New Song Movement, was tortured and murdered by Pinochet in the National Stadium in Santiago. Many other popular ensembles, including Quilapayun, were also forced to leave the country and perform in exile.

The new definition of a new song has caused controversy in the music industry. As of today, it’s possible that the ‘newness’ of a song depends on whether it has been in the charts for at least six weeks. If a song has been in the top 20 for more than six weeks, it is no longer new.

This song has been teased for months, but it’s only just been revealed. Lizzo shared a lip-synced snippet from the new song, as well as the release date of the album. The album and the new single will be available on April 14. If you’re unsure if you’ll be able to buy the new single, it is best to wait until it is released.