The Who Releases New Single “Fine Line”

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The first single from The Who’s 2019 album, ‘Fine Line,’ is a ’80s-inspired synth-pop number. The lyrics are about running from the past and fighting against change. The melancholy synth-pop track begins with a crescendo filled with tubular bells, before a teasing euphoria creeps in. Unlike the previous singles, this one has some hints of optimism.

The group left Reunion Records in February of 2004. They signed to Integrity Music in November of the same year. In May 2005, they released ‘Rescue’, a live recording at the First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA. It was subsequently released on DVD in September 2005. The following year, they joined the Benson Music Group, and released their fourth studio album, ‘All Around the World,’ featuring four No. 1 hits.

Aside from a music ministry, the New Song group also has a drama ministry. Using music and drama, the New Song group shares God’s timeless gospel message. The group has traveled internationally for over 41 years and has twice gone to mainland China to share its message. The ministry selects nine students each January to begin service in the summer. Members are chosen for their musical and dramatic talents and their ability to articulate their faith. Students earn a generous stipend for their commitment to the ministry.

Popular unity’s government in Chile, for example, was the first socialist government in the region and was a beacon for the Left. Its banner said “You Can’t Have a Revolution Without Songs,” an affirmation of the role of music in social change. The government’s victory fueled the growth of nueva cancion in the region. This style of music spread quickly throughout the region. It was a major source of resistance for the country’s poor.