The Who’s “New Song”

The Who’s “New Song” is one of their most popular songs. It’s the first track on the band’s 1982 album Who Are You. It was written by Pete Townshend and was the band’s first No. 1 hit. This song has since been a staple on the group’s live performances. It’s also become an essential part of NewSong’s live shows, particularly during Christmas time.

new song

This album was a major commercial success for the group and earned them twelve Grammy Award nominations and 12 GMA Dove Awards. Chance also made sure to support organizations that work with abandoned children. The band’s first collaboration with World Vision was in 1995, and they later worked with Holt International in 2006. The group’s first album, The Story, was released in 1987. The members originally met in Ghana and formed the band NewSong, which later became known as the Four Brothers, before adding Bobby Apon.

Chance the Rapper’s “Child of God” is a track from his debut album, and features bassist Moses Sumney. The video features Chance rapping in a room similar to their music video for 2021, while artist Naila Opiangah paints the images on the walls. The two met in Ghana earlier this year, and the album included two new songs that went on to become No. 1 hits. The first of these, “Jesus To The World,” was inspired by a Christian speaker who had passed away from cancer. The second, “Like Minded, Like Hearted,” was recorded with Out of Eden.

As the band’s career continued to expand, the four original members were recognized for their contributions to the music industry. Both Parra and Yupanqui were honored on Arise, My Love: The Best of NewSong, which featured twelve of the band’s previous No. 1 hits. The group also released two new songs, “Like Minded, Like Hearted” and “Jesus To The World.” These two songs have both reached number one on various charts and have become the band’s most popular tracks.

While the band has remained consistent with the reverb that they use throughout their music, “Child of God” is the band’s most recent release. Both Sumney and Apon are featured on the track, which was produced by the late singer. They are both credited with writing the lyrics, while Yupanqui reworks the songs by painting them. In addition to the two-parter “Child of God” and “Like Minded, Like Hearted” were recorded with Out of Eden.

Although the band’s music is still marked by reverb, New Song is more unified and focused than its predecessors. The group’s previous albums were marked by aimlessness and introspection, but the new songs on Arise, My Love, The Very Best of the ‘NewSong’ album were a better fit. If you are a fan of this band, you’ll love the music they’ve put out.