What Is a Concert?

A concert is a performance of live music performed before an audience. It can be performed by an individual musician, an orchestra, a choir, or a band. Concerts can take place in a variety of settings, from private houses to large multipurpose buildings. Some indoor concerts are called amphitheatres or arenas, while others are simply known as a show. Some concerts are composed of both live and pre-recorded music.


A concert can feature both singers and instrumentalists, or a combination of both. The nature of the performance can be different than the style of dress that would be appropriate for a particular musical genre. For example, a jazz ensemble concert would be different from a bluegrass band concert. Although the music in a particular concert may be the same, the style of the audience and the venue can vary significantly. A particular musical group may attract a crowd of similar fashion and taste. Similarly, a 1960s rock show may draw a group of people with a similar fashion sense.

While a concert may feature many artists, it is typically a one-off event that features a single performer, composer, or instrument. For example, a solo piano recital is attributed to Franz Liszt, a famous pianist. A dance recital focuses on a specific choreography and is often performed in a performance venue. Some dance recitals are seasonal. This type of concert is a special treat for the audience.

A concert is an occasion for a musical performance. It can feature a soloist, a group of singers, or both. There are many types of concerts, and the most common is a musical recital. However, there are several different types of concerts. The first two categories are mainly related to the musical genre. A classical concert might have an emphasis on a single composer or instrument, while a jazz concert may feature classical music.

Another form of a concert is a dance recital. A dance recital showcases a single performer, an instrument, or both. The name “concert” comes from the Latin word, “concert.” A musical recital is usually performed in a performing arts venue. Whether it is a classical or rock concert, a dance recital is often held in a performing arts center. For many, attending a concert is a very special experience.

A concert is a type of performance that includes a number of performers. Some of the performers in a concert may highlight a particular artist or musical genre. For example, a pianist performing a solo piano recital has been attributed to Franz Liszt, while a dance recital is a performance by a particular ensemble, it is often performed in an established performing arts venue. A dance recital is typically a one-time event.