What Is a Concert?

A concert is an entertainment event in which live musicians or singers perform without theatrical staging. The terms are used interchangeably but generally refer to different types of performances. A concert is a formal performance, while a show is a more casual performance with acting, such as a comedy show or art gallery presentation. During a concert, the performers are usually invited by the audience and sit in a semicircle in front of the conductor.


The nature of a concert varies according to musical genre, individual performers, and venue. In a small jazz band concert, for example, the program may be similar to the program for a large jazz orchestra. Conversely, a bluegrass band concert may feature a variety of music and may have very different audience members. In addition, the mood and volume of a concert may differ significantly between two concerts of the same genre. For example, different concerts may attract a different type of audience.

The first forms of the concert were associated with university activities, and many German universities maintained a Collegium Musicum for chamber music. In addition, “music meetings” were held regularly at Cambridge and Oxford. The French academies of the Renaissance were also renowned for holding concerts and fostering the humanities, and they were a precursor to the patrons of modern-day concerts. The concept of the concert was influenced by the works of Franz Liszt, who performed in the early eighteenth century.

The nature of a concert varies, as well as the musicians performing at it. One small jazz combo concert may have a similar order to another small bluegrass band concert. The audience at a bluegrass band might be different, but the music and the audience may have similar themes. The fashions and styles of people attending a particular concert may be unique to that particular group of people. Some audience members may have a recognizable style, while others will adopt the fashions of the performers.

A concert can vary greatly in terms of the musical genres and performers. A jazz combo concert may feature a single soloist, while a bluegrass band will perform several songs. A bluegrass band may be more traditional, while a jazz combo can be more experimental. However, the atmosphere and music at a bluegrass concert will be more casual. The style of people who attend a music concert may be typical of that particular musical group.

The nature of a concert varies greatly depending on the type of music performed. For example, a small jazz combo concert may be different from a large bluegrass band concert. The same goes for a classical music concert. Some types of concerts are intimate, while others are more public. A small jazz combo or a large orchestra will likely have different moods, volume, and dress. Some people may even wear a specific style for the performance.