NewSong was formed in 1982. During the early years of the label, the band was not signed to any labels. However, they signed with Covenant Records in 1983 and Canaan Records, a division of Word Records. The group remained with these labels until 1991, when they left to join a smaller label. The label merged with Benson Music Group in 1993. They later released Sheltering Tree, which featured four No. 1 hits.

new song

The band’s first album was “Who Are You”, which featured the single “New Song.” Pete Townshend wrote the song, which was released as the band’s third album. While the group didn’t release it as a single, the album did feature twelve of the group’s previous No. 1 songs. The two new songs, “Jesus To The World” (inspired by Christian speaker Bob Briner), and “Like Minded, Like Hearted,” were the group’s first No. 1 hits.

After “O Holy Night,” NewSong remained on the mainstream charts for three weeks, reaching No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary Chart and becoming the group’s most popular song in that genre. After the song hit No. 1 on the charts, Clive Calder closed the Benson label. In 2002, NewSong joined the Reunion and Zomba Music labels. In 2002, they released a full-studio Christmas album, including the single “O Holy Night,” which was also the group’s first number one.

“Sante” was the first single from The Who’s 1981 album Who Are You. Written by Peter Townshend, the song received critical acclaim and became a hit single. Although it is not a chart smasher, it has become a cherished track in the hearts of millions of fans. It was an unexpected release for the band after five years. There are a number of reasons why fans love the song.

Aside from their numerous hits, NewSong’s fans can enjoy the group’s love for the Lord. The song was written by songwriter Eddie Carswell, who was also known for his love for Jesus. Originally from Georgia, the group’s popularity has continued to grow with his latest album, Arise, My Love. The song featured twelve of the group’s previous No. 1 singles and two new songs. During the time of its creation, “O Holy Night” was the most popular song on the album.

The band’s members have been recognized on several occasions. Aside from “Single of the Year,” “New Song” was the first single from the album, which was released on their second album, The Christmas Shoes. Unlike the other two albums, “Singing” was a Christmas album that featured original songs from NewSong’s Christmas collection. Besides the No. 1 singles, the band also released a studio version of the song on Arise, My Love, which was released the following year.