NewSong – A Tribute to Howard Jones’ “New Song”

new song

NewSong – A Tribute to Howard Jones’ “New Song”

“New Song” was released by Howard Jones in September 1983. The single reached number three on the UK Singles Chart and spent 20 weeks in the Top 75. The lyrics of the song are printed in a spiral on the A-side label. The B-side of the single includes the credits of the recording studio. This vinyl album is now out of print, but it can still be purchased from some record shops for as little as £6.

Before the release of the acclaimed “Arise My Love” in 1991, NewSong had recorded three custom albums independently. In 1982, the group signed with Covenant Records, and a year later, they signed with Canaan Records, a branch of Word Records. The group stayed with Word Records until 1991, and then moved to Integrity Music. On their third album, Rescue, they recorded a live worship album at the First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia. The DVD was released in September 2005. In 1994, NewSong’s third studio album, Love Revolution, was released. It included four No. 1 hits, and the group was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

The band released their first two albums on independent labels and continued to make music. In 1996, they signed with Covenant Records and Canaan Records, both branches of Word Records. In 1991, the group moved to DaySpring Records and released the album One Heart At a Time, The Best of NewSong. In 1992, the group joined Benson Music Group. The group’s second studio album, “All Around the World,” brought four No. 1 hits to the CCM Adult Contemporary Chart.

The group began recording custom albums independently, and in 1984 they signed with Canaan Records, which was a subsidiary of Word Records. After the release of “One Heart at a Time” in 1991, they continued to record custom albums. In 1990, the group released the album Sheltering Tree, which featured four No. 1 singles. The album’s title track, “The End of the World,” reached No. 1 on the CCM Adult Contemporary chart for four consecutive weeks.

After years of independent releases, NewSong was able to secure a record deal with Covenant Records in 1983 and Canaan in 1984. In 1991, they signed with DaySpring, which released “One Heart at a Time: The Best of NewSong” and “All Around the World.” In 1994, the group joined Benson Music Group and released their fifth album, All Around the World. This album produced four No. 1 singles and has since become the band’s biggest hit in the CCM Adult Contemporary charts.

The group’s success led to the signing of many record labels, including Word Records and Covenant Records. In August of that year, the group’s debut album, Rescue, was released and subsequently released on DVD. The album’s lead single, “My Love,” became a No. 1 hit and the band has been a hitmaker in the Christian music industry for almost two decades. A song by NewSong has been No.1 on CCM’s Adult Contemporary chart since its release in 1993.