U2 Shares New Song From Their Album “Your Song Saved My Life”

The rock band U2 has shared a new song, “Your Song Saved My Life.” The track will appear on the soundtrack of the animated film Sing 2. The movie will feature Bono as reclusive lion rock star Clay Calloway. It will hit theaters on December 22. The lyrics are very poignant and evoke the hope of redemption. To learn more about Sing 2, visit the movie’s official website. For more information about the film, please see our Frequently Asked Questions article.

new song

Adele’s “New Song” is about a girl who is pursuing happiness. The singer has previously talked about her divorce and stated that she wanted to put herself first. The band’s song was the first track on the new album. It is a tribute to her late husband, Bobby Apon. The song is a remembrance of the late Christian speaker Bob Briner, who died of cancer. The lyrics of the song were inspired by a Christian speaking event.

After completing three custom albums independently, NewSong signed with Covenant Records and Canaan Records. The band remained with Word until 1991. In 1992, they signed with DaySpring Records and released their album “One Heart at a Time”. In 1993, the band joined Benson Music Group, resulting in the release of their fourth studio album, “All Around the World.” The album spawned four top-ten singles.

The group recorded three custom albums independently, then signed with Canaan Records and Covenant Records, two branches of Word Records. They stayed with Word until 1991, and then signed with DaySpring Records. In 1992, they released their first compilation album, “One Heart at a Time: The Best of NewSong.” They then teamed up with Benson Music Group in 1994 to release their first major studio album, “All Around the World.” The album included “Jesus to the World” and “Like Minded, Like Hearted” as their No. 1 songs.

After the release of their debut album, “Silver Bells” was a hit on the British chart. It was the band’s first single. The song was written by Eddie Carswell and released on Sheltering Tree. The song went on to become a No. 1 hit on the Billboard chart for three weeks. It was also the band’s second Christmas album. Its original Christmas songs, “O Holy Night,” and “Jesus to the World” are two of NewSong’s most popular tracks.

The band released three custom albums before signing with a major label. They had two No. 1 singles from their debut album. In 1983, the band signed with a branch of Word Records called Canaan. The label’s success was critical for the group, and they remained with it until 1991. After “The Christmas Shoes” became a No. 1 hit, they signed with Zomba Music. The label released a Christmas album. It included their own original tunes and versions of “O Holy Night” and “O Holy Night.”