Bon Jovi – Rock and Roll Star

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Bon Jovi – Rock and Roll Star

Bon Jovi is a great and fun song to dance to. There are many versions of this oldie but goodie songs. Bon Jovi trivia will show that he was a big fan of America’s very favorite pop group, The Beatles. During the early days of their career, they were often referred to as the English Doctors. In fact, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were so into this group that they decided to form their own group in the early 1960s.

The name is quite fitting for what the band brought to the table during their illustrious careers. It stands for power, freedom and rock and roll. Although different in the way they were presented musically, the lyrics were similar. It all started when John Paul Jones called Bon Jovi their favourite band to perform with when he was just a teenager. So, it is no surprise that they went on to become one of the biggest selling pop groups in the world.

The first hit single off their first album, titled Appear All Alone, was the single “Wanted Dead Or Alive.” This was a great little track that showed some of John Paul Jones’ talent. He had a tendency to sing about death and suicide, but always remained a likable, if slightly eccentric vocalist. Bon Jovi also had an excellent guitar work and was able to seamlessly combine that with his incredible vocals and beat. He was just a natural. Eventually, he was able to leave The Beatles and join The Yardbirds.

There is something very special about Bon Jovi, regardless of whether you are listening to his original music or covers. He was always great entertainer. No matter how odd his appearance might be on stage, he was always recognizable due to his uniquely designed clothes and unique persona. He was a huge star at the time and his influence still resonates today.

Bon Jovi trivia should show that one of the biggest influences on his music was his love for country music. He wanted to be like Chet Atkins, who he greatly admired. Atkins had a huge impact on the young Bon Jovi. Atkins had a song called “The Dentist” which was used by many artists, especially on their hit single, “Patty’s Band.” In fact, “The Dentist” has been covered countless times in pop history.

One interesting fact about Bon Jovi is that he was so deeply into country music while growing up that he began to learn all of the words to the songs. He wanted to be like Merle Travis, who he greatly admired. Bon Jovi’s first big break came with the song “Wanted Dead Or Alive.” It reached number one in the United States and remains one of the biggest hits. Even though it wasn’t a major hit in its own right, the single went on to sell millions of copies worldwide.