New Song Unveiled – Weezer

“New Song,” by English guitarist Howard Jones, was released in September 1983. The single eventually reached number eleven in the UK Singles Chart. The single spent approximately 20 weeks atop the UK singles chart.

new song

The video for the single, which was directed by Michael Caine, features the band playing on a set of piano boards. As well as featuring numerous pyrotechnic effects, the video also incorporated a number of musical instruments, such as keyboards, saxophones, and horns. The video for “New Song” also includes a number of other musicians, including Michael Jackson, Cream’s Rick Wakeman, J.J. Johnson, and ex-Guitarist Tommy Lee. The video for “New Song” went on to become one of the most viewed music videos in the history of television. It was watched by audiences throughout the world, and has been certified Gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

An instagram account has also been set up to commemorate the single. A number of fanatical followers have been uploading pictures from the music video and other various occasions. One fan, tagged “thesaurusmeg,” has posted a photograph of himself with Michael Jackson at the Hard Rock Rocks concert in London, comparing the large mural of the King of Pop against the screen of his Instagram account. Another fan, tagged “iamsauce,” uploaded a picture from the same concert with Cream’s Rick Wakeman in the background. captioned “A day as special as this,” the image shows Wakeman’s glasses resting on top of the mural.

The instagram account for the single goes by the name “instant Music.” It has amassed over fifty thousand fans in just under two weeks. Fans of the pop star’s music are posting comments, sharing photos, and enjoying the latest trends in online social media. One fan commented on a photo posted by the band on Instagram, writing, “Love the new music video. #instantmovin.” A caption follows stating, “So excited to see that official video coming out soon. What a fantastic opportunity to show up with the new stuff.” Other fans have shared their thoughts regarding the clip, sharing how well the music video captures the tone of the real song.

The band’s website states that the new song will be available to the public on July 14th. Expect plenty of online speculation as to how much the new song will perform in the charts. While it is unlikely to reach the heights of Weezer’s “hernia” in terms of chart placement, it is likely to still make a respectable showing. For a band that has never achieved the level of success that other major bands have, this is a significant achievement and one that they can be proud of.

“I Decide” has already generated a buzz among Weezer fans, generating plenty of positive buzz around the new song. Even if it does not hit the top spot on the charts, it is certain to have fans of the band excited. With all of the attention that Weezer fans are sure to give the new song, it is safe to predict that “I Decide” will be the start of a profitable career for the group.