Bon Jovi Singing Music From His Albums

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Bon Jovi Singing Music From His Albums

One of the all time great male voices, Bon Jovi has given fans a reason to smile with every great rock song they hear. With the amazing vocal range, high pitch, and strong vibrato, Bon Jovi has created some of the biggest hits in rock history. With his extensive catalog of music spanning over 40 years, some of his best work has been recorded with The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their hit single, “Red Hot Chili Peppers,” was an immediate hit, going double platinum in the United States.

This particular song is a perfect example of how great it is to have a powerful male lead singing a great female-fronted song. There is a beautiful harmony between Bon Jovi’s high pitch and the gentle lyrics of the song. There are also some truly memorable guitar riffs throughout the song which also highlight the dynamic vocals.

Although not as well known as some of the other songs he has recorded with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Wanted Dead or Alive” is a fantastic example of why so many people choose to have Bon Jovi sing. With its fast paced drum beat, pulsating guitar riffs, and energetic vocal sounds, this song is a rock classic. The powerful vocal performance is backed by a great deal of drum riffs that really drive the song home.

The music video for this song went viral after someone uploaded it to YouTube. The video shows Bon Jovi strumming out the opening chords then quickly transitioning into a high pitched scream as he performs a solo. It is hard to not be impressed with this performance, especially since he usually comes off looking like he is overdoing it, but it is also kind of strange hearing him actually trying to reach that high-pitched shriek.

One other great song that is produced by Bon Jovi is “The Realie.” This is actually the first single from his album that does not feature Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It contains a catchy guitar riff that works well in the chorus. Bon Jovi is able to showcase his versatility on this track as he switches from screaming to singing. The lyrics are about coming closer to his wife. It contains several memorable lines including “I used to wonder if I was the only woman/That was ever meant to be mine.”

Overall, this list is a great way to introduce someone to some of Bon Jovi’s greatest work. Even though there are plenty of other songs that have big impact, these four certainly represent a major part of his career. The man’s voice has a unique way of affecting listeners. His energy is contagious and this is one reason why so many people choose to sing with him. He has created some great songs that will help you to experience a classic rock style.