Instant Music Video – Success With New Song

As I listen to “New Song,” one thinks of New Orleans, Louisiana, where Cajun music has been a part of the culture for centuries. New Orleans has given rise to some of the most notable musicians in history including Aretha Franklin, Huey Lewis and The Temptations, which helped to shape the sound of music forever. Now New Orleans is again the center of musical creation. New Song! is a group from that southern metropolis that sings about life here.

new song

Honestly, new music isn’t done very often these days. But those who are making it are not stuck there. And value the experience just as much as the reward. In these technologically driven times where ‘other’ is a dreaded word even in nation, as New Song Church pick up all the young talent in town, irrespective of race or country of birth. New Song! has achieved their tremendous success by being cool, hip and entertaining through music videos that have reached millions of views.

The genius of this New Song! marketing campaign was its incorporation into a popular instagram marketing campaign. While the music video for New Song! was not an instant hit, it did go viral in a big way, racking up millions of views in under a week.

So what exactly was the secret behind the success? A lot of people suggested to me that perhaps the viral power of an instant music video needs to be harnessed to market a song. And indeed that is a good suggestion. What works is working. And this is exactly what the New Song! team did to perfection.

In the music video, the rapper sings from the heart about the troubles he went through in his previous relationships. He speaks his mind, without any censorship. He shows real emotions which is not possible with most songs where the artists are required to tone it down a little bit to get an audience. He’s real, and that comes through loud and clear. And, at the end of the day, that’s what’s important when you want to make your music go viral.

After posting the video on instagram, the team at New Song! went to work creating custom instagram stickers to market the song and the brand through a viral campaign that had the desired impact. The stickers they created went well beyond traditional sticker stickers that we see used a lot these days. They went way above and beyond, reaching millions of people through instagram and getting the brand name out there in a big way.