What Are the Major Music Awards?

The Annual Grammy Awards are one of the most popular music awards ceremonies in North America. Considered the Oscars of music, the Grammies are a highly anticipated award show that is held annually. Nominated for both the best sound and visual categories, the Grammies are an amazing opportunity for artists and music producers to not only honor their greatest works to date, but also garner accolades for their efforts in music. Hosted by the famed Jimmy Barnes, the Grammies have always been a highly regarded and respected award show. With more innovative and exciting shows currently being developed, the Grammies will continue to entertain and inspire music fans throughout the music industry as well as up into the future. Let’s take a closer look at this prestigious award show.

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The Annual Grammy Awards takes place during the month of February in Los Angeles. The most prestigious music awards show in the history of the music industry recognizes the very best in the industry from virtually all genres. The Album of the Year category recognizes the year’s most popular and influential album, with each artist or group receiving a maximum number of points for their album. The voters are asked to list their favorite album in a vote, with the number of points that an album receives determined by its popularity among music lovers. A multiple-weighted procedure is used to determine which album wins the Album of the Year title.

A Ceremony The winning Album of the Year receives not only the highest number of points, but also receives the top prize in this year’s ceremony. Along with the Album of the Year title, the winning artist receives the best performer award, and the other winners are presented with lifetime achievement awards. The winning artists and performers of this year’s Grammies ceremony were revealed in a special telecast that was broadcast exclusively on CBS. Additional ceremonies included the “Best Rock Album” and “Performance of the Year.”

Raffle Prizes The winners of the actual music awards, as well as those voted for by fans and critics, get to take home one of a kind music awards that bear the recipient’s name. Of course, these are far from the only prizes available. Other categories at these ceremonies include the Best Original Score and Song, as well as the Best Music Video. The “Best Pop Record” and “Performance of the Year” are also routinely selected. Winners in both of these categories, as well as many others, are often chosen by a panel of music experts who review the songs for the purposes of identifying the year’s “Best of” contenders.

Special Recognition Artists and groups can win major music awards in other ways besides receiving a Grammies award. Many individuals and groups receive tribute shows and even have their music videos screened during ceremonies. In previous years, the British Academy of Arts has awarded the best film or motion picture prizes to a number of qualified British movie projects, as well as individual artists.

The Grammies ceremony is the only one of the six major music awards ceremonies that is not actually hosted by a musician. Instead, it is handed out by an individual music supervisor. Past recipients have included pop sensation Lady Gaga, Elton John, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The presenter of this year’s Grammies award will be Lady Gaga.