New Song: I Am Born Beautiful by Nueva Cancioni Nuevo Acoustic on iTunes

A recent article in the New York Times described a new song written by Lady Gaga, ” Gaga’s Album”. In the article it was suggested that the new song is about “new social conditions” and that perhaps our culture needs a “shift in perception”. The writer implied that maybe we should all be worried about these new social conditions. Well, I am here to tell you that Lady Gaga is right about this new song, but unfortunately, so am I. In fact, there is some concern about new social conditions that are developing in this country, and I am worried about them as well. But I am not the only one concerned about new social conditions that are developing in this country; as you know, we have many civil rights groups that are concerned about these issues.

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So, let me ask you a question. When did the last time you saw a new music video on television? Did you ever see one and actually enjoy it? If you didn’t like it at all, did you send the songwriter and singer back for another round of revisions and changes so that you could watch the music video again just to see if there would be anything you liked about it? I sure didn’t do this either, yet I enjoyed watching the music videos when they were on television.

Are new social change songs being created to please those who are against the new social change that is occurring? Are they created to please those who feel that is taking away from them? Are they created to please those who are in between? No, the new songs that are coming out are created for everyone to enjoy. It is not a matter of whether or not someone has a opinion on social change; it is whether or not they have an opinion that is shared by millions of other people who are also enjoying the song or video.

In the case of the first new song that I saw posted on instagram, which was called, “I am Born Beautiful,” it was quickly liked and enjoyed by thousands of people before it had even been posted on the music video site. That song, “I Am Born Beautiful,” was created by a famous R&B singer/songwriter. The song was featured on his album called Mojo Worldwide and was taken from his hit album called platinum and featured on Mojo Worldwide 2. Within a few days, the song had earned the number one spot on the chart for the number seven position. Within just a few hours, the video on the instagram page had over one million views.

In a sense, that song shares some common themes with the issues that are facing the world today. There are many social changes occurring that people don’t understand or agree with, such as new environmental laws that prevent farmers from destroying the environment or new rules that prevent small local businesses from hiring illegal immigrants or raising their prices for products so they can make more money. This new political oppression has also played into the music industry. Rap artists have been censored by the entertainment companies because they have chosen to talk about social issues.

So, maybe you’re not into new songs anymore and you don’t have time to go online and search through all the new songs that are being uploaded everyday. You can also take a look at your favorite songs on iTunes and decide if you want to re-buy the song or you want to listen to it on your radio. Maybe you like the song, but you’re tired of hearing it. Whatever it is, listening to your favorite music should always be an enriching experience.