Mystery Train Track

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For this sixth studio album, Aaron Crane, who goes by the name Avi Gilbreath, takes on some new roles as he takes the songs to new levels. The ten songs range from being fun, poppy songs about life to deep emotions and feelings about the loss of a loved one. The album is not overly dramatic or fast paced, which makes it more suitable for people who want a slower and more relaxing listen to their favorite music. The production is impressive as well with a tight sound and powerful musical performances by both Avi and guitarists Glen Campbell and Russ Manning.

“The Dark Lane” features two new songs that have become very recognizable to fans. “Waltz for Avi” which featured on the third album and went straight to number one on the pop radio, while “Mystery Train” became the second track to top the country charts and was later certified gold. The twosome of songs “Mystery Train” and “The Dark Lane” is what makes the album so special. While it is not the best Avi Gilbreath has done, it is definitely among the best.

The album is highlighted by a duet between Avi and Russ Manning on “Mystery Train.” It is their first duet since their collaboration with Kanye West and Rihanna, which was also their last album together. The song, which was previously released on an Avi Gilbreath/ Russ Manning collaborative album called Dreams and Dimensions, takes Avi to a place where he finally realizes what a good listener he is and asks Russ to help him create the next album with him. The songs on this album were previously singles and therefore did not feature any guest performers.

An interesting thing about “Mystery Train,” however, is how Avi uses his voice to create the theme for the entire album. His voice sounds distorted when he is talking on the microphone, but when he sing these words they come out clearly and in full. This is not the first time that Avi has used distorted vocal techniques to make his voice sound great on the mic. He used these tools to great effect on previous albums such as Waking Up and The Search for Identity.

While “Mystery Train” was not the most successful song on The Search for Identity, it was definitely one of the most successful songs in Avi’s career. As a result, Avi was offered a contract by 6 Magazine where he would be a featured artist. During this time, Avi was also working on another song for the album titled “No Line On The Horizon.” This track was not included on the original album because Avi felt it did not live up to the quality of The Search for Identity. However, it was recorded with the same high standards as Avi’s “Mystery Train.”