My Favorite Bon Jovi Songs

Bon Jovi is one of the most successful groups to come out of the seventies and eighties. They were known for their outlandish costumes and crazy hair styles. Their music was amazing, too, and quite distinctive. Their hit songs included hits such as “Wanted Dead or Alive”, “Iruvan” and ” Bang the Drum”.

It is widely believed that the reason Bon Jovi lasted so long in the music industry was due to the fact that their music was constantly reinvention. Each time a new version of the song was written, they would try to top it and make it even more unique. The first song they came out with, “Wanted Dead or Alive”, became one of their biggest hits. Their follow-up song, “Iruvan”, made them even more popular. Then, when they went into a lengthy hibernation, “Stuck at the Top of the World” became an absolute masterpiece and made them well known once again.

Bon Jovi has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame several times. Unfortunately, they only live up to this reputation because of their induction into the Hall of Fame. Their first three albums have been recorded by many other artists and are very popular. However, they are not what made the band memorable. The following are some of my favorite Bon Jovi songs.

When you listen to this song, you can clearly hear the influence of Guns n Roses. This song took some time to reach number one but it finally reached that place thanks to the rockabilly sound that Bon Jovi provided. At the start of the song, singer David Lee Roth is shouting over the instrumentalist who is playing the background guitar. This was done so that everyone would be able to clearly hear the lyrics. At the end of the song, the last line is changed to “I’m lying in the sand / I’ll never be forgiven.”

This song is about how drug abuse destroys one’s life. Drugs have become very popular in recent years especially because of the many celebrities who have gotten into using them. At one time, this group of musicians was in trouble for using illegal drugs. Fortunately, they were able to get out of trouble and continue to make music until they were arrested again. After that, they never went back to using drugs.

Finally, this is a song about how women should stay away from men who are pigs. Bon Jovi used the old Fonzie theme in the writing of this song because they believe that women can be tricked if they are attracted to bad guys. They believe that by staying away from bad guys like Fonzie, women will be safe from getting hurt in any situation.