I’m Not A Lonely Street And “Bongiovi” Don’t Want You To Learn

Jon Bon Jovi made much of his early money by being the lead singer for Bon Jovi, the biggest selling rock band of all time. He has also made money throughout his acting career and owns a pro football team, The Philadelphia Soul. Bon Jovi trivia will show that he is not just a rock star with a vast acting repertoire but a performer who can sing as well.

bon jovi

So who is Jon Bon Jovi? His real name is Robert Leeburner but people have often called him Jon because it sounds similar. Besides his acting, music, and sports interests, he is also a property developer in New Jersey. Bon Jovi’s real estate investments earned him a very nice net worth which, along with his extensive tour business, has allowed him to take luxurious vacations all over the world. Bon Jovi is best known for his songs, “Who’s That?”. This band has had 20 top ten hits, making them one of the most popular bands of all time.

With so many hits, it’s no wonder that everyone is trying to get tickets to one of their concerts. Tours of this band continue to keep bringing in new music and bringing in even more fans. In fact, there are actually two different tours of this band. The first is a North American leg which takes place in California and New Jersey and the second is a European leg that goes around UK.

There was an interesting exchange at a news conference in Japan when the press asked the legendary singer what his favorite holiday was. Bon Jovi responded by saying, “I’m not interested in anybody but myself.” The press was curious why he would want dead people around him. Bon Jovi then said, “That’s not me. I’m not interested in anyone but myself.”

The interesting part about this answer is that it’s actually very funny. In the U.S., we pride ourselves on being a very generous people who give to our needy without expecting anything in return. However, when you’re rich and famous, it’s almost expected that you’ll be willing to give away some of your riches to others, particularly those with whom you have nothing in common. Perhaps that’s why Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are seen as the “Gods” of their respective genres, as they both have done countless charitable acts and donated much to our society.

On that note, it’s easy to see why “I’m not a Lonely Street” and “Bongiovi” would be top picks for anyone wanting to learn more about “the Godfather of Rock and Roll.” Both songs are crowd favorites and will certainly get the crowds involved. Both also were produced by the legendary producer, Larry Graham. So, if you want to play these songs for party lovers or get tickets to a live show, make sure you check out the new wave of rock and roll from both superstars above.