Top Ten New Songs on a Rock Band Album

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Top Ten New Songs on a Rock Band Album

Howard Jones’ new song “New Song,” from his self-titled album, was one of the most successful songs of the entire decade. It was also just as significant in the context of pop music as the Beatles’ ” Abbey Road” or The Rolling Stones’ ” Mick Jagger.” The song itself was first recorded by English rock band Deva Premal in March 1983. The song reached number one in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number four. The song spent 20 weeks atop the UK single’s chart.

The song’s lyrics deal with Jones’ romantic and emotional state of mind, during which he was dating actress Candicelli de Lima. They’re from his album called “The Little Shoemaker.” On the UK single, the lyrics are spelled out in a spiral on top of the B-side, with the credits appearing in a double spiral on top of the A-sided label. The song was later made available as a single in the United States via Harvest. The song was played at various times throughout the month of April and May, but failed to chart well.

A new song by Howard Jones entitled “New Song,” from the same album, features the same fonts and words but is presented as if it’s part of an extended jam session. The song contains the lyrics “I am going to play you a new song / tomorrow’s gonna be great.” Jones performs this new song with the band Deva Premal. A variation of this new song was later included on another Jones solo album called Deva chronicles.

The last of the ten New Music albums from Howard Jones was entitled Soundgarden’s Harvest. This album would become known as the last Harvest album with the original lineup of singer Chris Cornell, front man Neil Young, bassist Billy Lee Riley, and drummer Tommy Lee. This group went on to play a number of concerts all over North America, as well as around the world. Soundgarden returned to their previous albums later, including a Soundgarden album called Stadium Collection, but they have since gone on to form the supergroup King Kong along with Michael McDonald, Tim Alexander, and Chris Crocker.

The last of the New Music albums by Howard Jones that I will discuss on this article is A Place of Execution. This band’s third album was released in the summer of 2021. It is not exactly what you would consider a pop-rock album, but instead has a more laid back feel. It contains a handful of hits, but is not as poppy as some of the prior albums. It features backing tracks of songs from No Strings Attacked, Crooked Fingers, and Out of Time.

The last New Music album that I will discuss on this article is Augustines. This is actually the band’s debut album and features the band playing to much cleaner effects than they had done in the past. While My World ended with a dramatic version of a church choir singing “Hallelujah,” the second half of the album features the band playing to much greater effect. It peaked with “Whole Lotta Love.”