Learn To Enjoy Music Like The Guitarists Do


Learn To Enjoy Music Like The Guitarists Do

Music is the creative art of arranging various sounds in sequence to create a composition often with the components of rhythm, melody, timbre, and tone. It is one of the common universal aesthetic aspects of all musical cultures. There are different forms and methods of music depending on the culture and time. The major types and forms of music are dance music, dramatic music, ambient music, jazz music, traditional music, pop music, and gospel or religious music.

Classical Music: The classical music forms are played on the strings of an instrument. The most famous examples are the classical piano music and the Beethoven piano music. Examples of popular classical music include Handel’s “Water Music”, Mozart’s “Concertino de Aranjuez” and Haydn’s “package”. A notable note from the history of classical music is that the composer must first perform the piece on the instruments in the right way so that it sounds good.

Pop Music: Pop music is a mixture of elements from other styles of music such as jazz music, folk music, R & B music, pop music, etc. A typical pop tune will include fast-moving drum beats, a simple melody, and use of synthesizers. A notable note from the history of pop music is that, after several popular singers, groups, and producers, it became popular on the mainstream market. A good example of a pop song would be Justin Timberlake’s “Who’s That Lady?”

Jazz Music: Jazz music is characterized by deep cello and guitar interplay and rhythmic transformations. It is characterized by polyrhythmic drum programming, improvisation, spoken word, and blues music compositions. One of the most prominent jazz composers was John Coltrane. Another example of a prominent jazz composer was Robert Johnson who is widely regarded as one of America’s greatest blues guitarists.

Early Western Music: Music from early western countries often have rhythmic, melodic, and structural elements. Some examples are jugglers, hunters, campfire sing-alongs, simple village songs, and choruses in cowboy films. One of the most influential composers of this genre is instrumentalist Enya Arquette who composed “Love Takes Wing” and “irie Runner” for The Singing Butler. Music from early western countries also often have a jocularity about them that makes them easier to understand and enjoy than works with more formal composers. Examples are cowboy songs like “I’m a Believer”, “One Girl in Hand”, and “Hangin’ On” just to name a few.

Latin Music: Latin American music is characterized by fast beat, intricate guitar solos, and sensual flamenco. Latin musicians often appreciate this unique style of music because it contains a soul and weight that is difficult to describe in words. This makes Latin music worth listening to again because you never know how it’s going to progress. One Latin song I especially enjoy is “Esposiziones” by Joana Gil Sandoval-Garcia.