Bon Jovi – The Best Known Rock Band in the World

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Bon Jovi – The Best Known Rock Band in the World

Jon Bon Jovi net value is $ppard million. Jon Bon Jovi was born in lugubrious village ofovi in Northypoles, USA. He started out as a teenager learning the drums and then playing the harmonica. In 1969, he started his career as a member of the folk-rock band named Bon Jovi and later went on to form the band again in the mid eighties. Jon Bon Jovi is well known as the leader and founder of the popular rock band Bon Jovi.

There is a long list of people who have been famous or noteworthy throughout their early lives. Some of them include American President Taft, author Maya Angelou, tennis player Andre Agassi, and football player Ricky Williams. But the most interesting rock and roll band of all time is that of bon jovi. It was the early 80’s and the group was creating hits like ‘Hotel California’, ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’, and ‘Word of Mouth’.

The first demo tape of bon jovi’s ‘White Room’ was lost in a hotel room. When Bryan Adams came to retrieve it, he found it to be scratched. He then contacted the owner of the hotel and asked for the tape. The owner told him that it was a lost album of Bon Jovi and asked for Bryan’s help in recovering it.

There was another very interesting story about the making of bon jovi songs. Early in the career of bon jovi, David Gilmour had recorded one of his songs at an obscure recording studio in New Jersey. The session was being done at a location that no one recognized. The song was recorded by someone named Bob Dylan. The rest is history as it was immortalized on the song ‘Don’t Take Me Out’, recorded by the Rolling Stones.

When the original band, Bon Jovi, went on a European tour in the late 1980’s, there were a lot of fans in attendance for every show. During a show in the Netherlands, a fan heckled the band and asked them to play a song. They asked the fan to be quiet and when the fan did not move he said; “This song is for you, Mr. Pig!” Bon Jovi responded by asking the crowd if they wanted to take a shot with the band. The crowd obliged and many fans ended up getting sprayed by the bouncers.

So the next time you are at a concert and see this legendary American rock band Bon Jovi performing live remember that you are witnessing the best known hit of this iconic band. If you want to be able to sing along with this song you can be assured that you will not be left out. Bon Jovi has become the biggest singing sensation in the history of American music and you can be sure that you will never be forgotten.