Taylor Swift’s Album of the Year Contenders

If you thought that music awards were just for those musicians who had a lot of hits or albums, then you obviously didn’t hear what happened the last year in the Grammies category. The Academy Awards used to hand out their year’s award for best score in a variety of categories, but they seem to have forgotten about rock music and blues this year. Not long ago, The Weeknd was up for a best-selling album award and failed to win any awards for it. Kanye West seemed like the obvious choice to take home the gala award for best song “Views” with Ed Sheeran, but instead got relegated to a supporting role. Not really.

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Other big winners such as Lady Gaga, Adele, and Beyonce have definitely made their presence felt this year too. However, they fall far short when it comes to being able to shake the Grammies away. The Recording Academy seems to have forgotten the purpose of music awards and has not put any effort into giving the best songs of the year. It is almost as if they don’t care. At least for the next five years.

There is no doubt that there are still many talented people in the music industry, but this seems to be what’s missing from the music awards ceremony. These music awards ceremonies are supposed to be the celebration of an entire year, instead of one artist. For some reason, the music industry still hasn’t figured out that unless a country music award wins, nobody is going to care about what happened. Not only that, but there is a pretty strong chance that they won’t be attending any more of these ceremonies.

This is the exact reason why I believe the Grammies are the most outdated music awards ceremony that exists in our nation today. Instead of honoring the best of the year, they are giving out trophies for the same thing that the New York Philharmonic has been doing for ages: producing bland, cookie-cutter music that doesn’t move. It just seems like they do not understand that being a member of a prestigious organization does not automatically make things better.

That being said, I am sure that the Nailers will still be nominated for their amazing song, “Blue Moon of California.” If anything, Taylor Swift should have an Oscar instead of being nominated for “Bad Romance.” One could only think that the award for “Swift” is totally undeserved considering all the other great music awards that week. And while someone may say that Taylor Swift is a talent, I will be hard pressed to even think that she is a classic talent, especially considering all the other talented artists that week.

Hopefully, the music awards committees will learn their lesson this year. By selecting albums based on merit and not simply a favorite singer or song, they will give an award to an album that is truly deserving and that will improve the industry for years to come. If they choose “Goodnight, Goodnight, Love You Again” by The Chainsmokers instead, it will do more damage than good. Please consider all this.