I’ve Got a Secret Love by Jimmy Page

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I’ve Got a Secret Love by Jimmy Page

Howard Jones’ new song “New Song,” from the album Don’t Take Me Home ( 1983), is an interesting and adventurous pop song that has been covered by artists such as Michael Jackson. Although Jones wrote the lyrics, he sang the song with the band The Who, which included John Entwistle, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Paul McCartney, and John Entwistle. This band had a very successful run during their time of touring in the early 1980s. In fact, they were the first group to perform without a tour support, which is ironic considering how successful they were!

“New Song,” as it is known, was released as a single in September 1983, the single’s first verse being sung by Jones. The second verse, which is also called the bridge, was not sung by Jones, but rather by bassist John Entwistle. The second verse of the new song, which also included the lyrics ‘I’ve got a secret love’ by Jones, was not recorded live, but rather was a recording done on an x h CD single by vocalist John Entwistle. The lyrics of the bridge were later sung by Jones on his Don’t Take Me Home album.

The social change and political oppression of the time of Jones’ song takes place in a country that is not at that time aware of what was happening in the world around them. Instead they focused on domestic matters, such as who could sing better than the great Elvis Presley. This focus on domesticating songs helped the industry produce more politically correct music. Jones’ version of New Song exhibits this in a number of ways.

For starters, the title of the song refers to the lyrics; “I’ve got a secret love / That’s why I’m losing my hair”. Although it is clear that Jones has a romantic relationship with a woman whose identity is not known to anyone, she is unable to acknowledge or discuss her feelings. The lyrics also point out that the social changes of the time are causing many people to lose their hair, which only further emphasizes the importance of discussing these things. Many people would have never considered changing their appearance to be socially change, but in this song, Jones seems to realize that change is necessary if one is to continue to live a happy life.

The political oppression in Spain was also part of the reasons that encouraged artists to create songs that reflected their struggles. While the social conditions in Spain were generally poor, especially in the rural areas, artists, such as Paco Pena, found a way to make a lot of money while making good records. With the help of organizations like the Basque National Front for a free and independent Spain, they were able to promote their cause and win over some of the rural people who joined the independence movement. The lyrics of “I’ve got a secret love” show how these artists understood that Spain needed to be liberated from political oppression, and they were able to do just that.

“I’ve got a secret love” is a very emotional song. Jones gives clear messages about how love is important and how one should not feel obligated to stick to old societal rules. Even though the message may seem a little controversial, new generations are likely to find this new song all the more admirable. It is likely that the popularity of the new song will continue to rise as people begin to understand more clearly just how important a free and independent Spain was.