Bon Jovi Albums That You Should Check Out

Jon Bon Jovi is probably one of America’s favorite pop stars. He is a pop artist with a large following, but what makes him so popular? There are several factors. First, his music. Not only was it incredibly innovative and different than the music of the day, but it was also incredibly memorable and fun to listen to.

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Bon Jovi brought a unique voice and ability to sing to mainstream audiences that had never before enjoyed pop music. Bon Jovi is a rock star in the truest sense of the word. He not only made many of his money selling records, but he made a name for himself by actually playing rock music in movies and on stage. The man in question also has a well-received book, titled: Don’t Take Me Away, which was made just before his death and became a best-seller.

It’s amazing how quickly Bon Jovi rose to stardom, but if you ask the people who knew him best, they will tell you that he truly lived his life to the fullest. The star made most of his money through acting, but he also has a football team (The Philadelphia Soul) and even lives in a nice house in New Jersey. These days, it seems as though Bon Jovi’s good-time has lasted just as long as his fame has.

As mentioned above, Bon Jovi is truly a big star and not just a singer. His real name is Paul Stanley, but he goes by just his nick name, Bon Jovi. His real name is very unique, and he chooses it often when he wants to talk to a specific audience. Because he has such a large following, the real name just fits in so well.

According to the most recent estimates, Bon Jovi is worth about $5 million dollars. If you add up the income from various other sources, including writing, songwriting, acting, and more, then you could say that Bon Jovi makes quite a bit of money with his music. Many of his albums have reached the top twenty on the charts, and some of them have sold very well. For that reason, the bulk of Bon Jovi’s net worth comes from the numerous radio songs that he sings and performs. Most people would agree that his live performances are some of the best live shows that they have ever seen. His vocal chords just don’t quit ringing and his ability to sing cleanly and fluently has endeared him to many fans all over the world.

Some of the best known albums that feature Bon Jovi include: Come As You Are, Anja, Born To Be Wild, and Just The Way You Are. These albums reached number one in the United States, as well as number fifty in the UK. Regardless of what kind of fan you are, if you love this band, then you will definitely want to have some of their music in your collection. The best known album that features Bon Jovi is definitely Anja – Born To Be Wild, which is certified Platinum by the RIAA.