How to Write a New Song

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How to Write a New Song

Writing a new song can be one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. It can take a long time to sit down, put together and actually write a new song. It can be scary and frustrating at times. It can take days or weeks to come up with that perfect melody and finally get it onto the final track of your favorite album. If you’ve already written a few songs, or you’re just getting started, you know the feeling. It’s easy to get stuck on that creative plateau where nothing seems to make sense and you are frustrated because you cannot seem to get over that feeling of disappointment.

Here’s a quick advice that will help you get over that plateau quickly and in a way that you won’t feel like you’re working. Write down a list of the things that you know you want to say in your new song. Now, on top of that list, write two more lists of things that you think will compliment the new song. Don’t worry if there are only a couple of things that sound good. These ideas are what are going to inspire you to write that new song.

You’ll then realize that maybe you don’t even need to use the words from your previous list of ideas. Instead, maybe you can play something from one of your own songs that is really inspiring you. Once you have created a handful of new songs, it will start to sink in that you have this incredible talent for writing songs and that you can do this for a living. Don’t let that discourage you. You have everything to prove that anyone who ever reads your music should want to work with you.

Writing a song requires practice. You need to be able to express yourself musically in a way that isn’t common to other people. It takes a lot more time than what you may think.

Your new song can be your greatest piece ever. The sky is the limit when it comes to how much you want to express yourself musically. It’s your call.

Remember, though, that writing a new song takes time. You’ll spend a lot of hours writing each day. That’s going to be very hard to get through. You have to push yourself over again. Don’t get discouraged or try to write the perfect song quickly.