Categories of Music Awards

The annual Billboard Music Awards is an influential yet often overlooked accolade in the entertainment world. The official ceremony is held annually at the writers guildhall in Los Angeles. The Awards are shrouded in controversy as most leading music artists have participated in past ceremonies only to be ignored, overlooked or snubbed at the Oscars and American Music Awards. This article will discuss some of the more noteworthy categories that have been dominating the headlines over the last seven years at the Awards.

music awards

* Album of the Year – As the name suggests, this is an award given to an album of the year. It is often decided by a vote, with the voting closed to the public for a week prior to the Awards. The Album of the Year is determined by a variety of factors: chart placement, audience support, critical acclaim, marketing gains, and profitability. Other factors considered are band popularity, multi-platform performances, songwriting credits, album and artist diversity, and many more. The Album of the Year is voted on by the readers of every major music publication in the United States as well as from various international publications. The Album of the Year has won the top award fourteen times, with nine of those victories coming from the United States.

* Best Rock / Folk Album – With over thirty years of tradition, the Best Rock / Folk Album category is steeped in tradition. Prior to the Awards, a song or songs must reach a certain sales figure to be eligible for this prestigious honor. The week prior to the Awards will determine which songs will be topping the charts. Leading music sites participate in an ongoing poll by sending out song submissions to a database of music enthusiasts. Submissions are then reviewed by a panel of music industry insiders who select the best ones to feature on the Best Rock / Folk Album poll.

* Music Video – With millions of tunes downloaded each day, the number of music videos posted on the web is staggering. Viewers love to share the music videos that have been deemed to be of high artistic value. As a result, these videos can gain momentum overnight and last long after the original performer is no longer in the picture. Every year, an Academy Award also recognizes the video for the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Score, or Best Original Song. Because music videos represent the zeitgeist of a generation, they are also frequently nominated for top awards at music awards ceremonies. In addition, the video for hit songs, such as Thriller by Metallica, has won eight of the past nine Best Picture Oscars.

* Music Visual categories include movies, commercials, concerts, TV shows, and other formats. The music visual industry includes everything from concert tickets to stage props to albums, singles, and more. This is a very competitive area, as artists need to ensure they have the best visuals possible to win over their competition. In recent years, the Best Picture and Best Director categories have become more award-winning, with an emphasis on producing visually stimulating movies or television shows. The Music Video category now has its own winner.

The music industry is a creative place where talented individuals converge to display their talents. While the music industry as a whole is profitable, there are always conflicts between the various groups to maintain artistic control. The music awards, through their inclusion of diverse artists and genres, allow artists to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the music. Awards ceremonies are a celebration of excellence within the music industry and help artists to showcase their creativity.