How Much is That Net Worth?

Jon Bon Jovi is a rock star who has become well known throughout the world. He is a born performer and has had a varied career throughout the years. As a teen, he formed the rock band Bon Jovi along with his childhood friend, David Lee Roth. The group went on to become one of America’s biggest pop stars, selling dozens of records. In the eighties, they went into the studio to record their own albums, as well as a string of chart-topping albums. Now, they are back in the spotlight, and making a name for themselves once again.

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A new Bon Jovi song, titled “I Forgot to Remember”, is the latest single from their latest album, Young Guns II. It just might be the most requested Bon Jovi lyric this side of the Moon. Jon Bon Jovi is a rock star who seems to have aged well since his days on the stage. He is not only talented, but has a way of connecting with the audience on an emotional level. With that said, it follows that he would make great sense as a real estate broker.

Like many other rockers of his era, Bon Jovi also had a varied acting career, which included such roles as that of Donny Hathaway in the movie A Fish called Wanda in A Fish called Selma. Bon Jovi additionally went on to appear in films such as: The Bad newsman, Man on the Moon, Eminent Domain, Gump, etc. Even though the acting career did not take him to the same heights as some of his peers, it does show a level of skill that will translate to a successful real estate career.

In terms of his real estate expertise, there is much to be gleaned from the lyrics of his songs. One of these that comes to mind is his song, “Wanted Dead or Alive.” This golden globe classic was the second single off of his self-titled album and features Bon Jovi along with lyricist John Laverause. As the title suggests, the lyrics deal with the murder of a wanted man. The music is a great compliment to the lyrics which are catchy and very entertaining for a teenager to belt out.

The other career high point for Bon Jovi would be his role as a session player in the movie, A Few Good Men. Again, as the name suggests, this movie chronicles the life of a lawyer who ends up getting himself thrown out of a nightclub after being mistaken for a burglar. The movie then portrays him working his way back into the public eye, as he tries to win a case with an acting firm. After successfully securing a promotion to the top spot at his firm, he ends up losing it all thanks to the boss. Although this movie was not particularly well received, it did introduce him to the world of movie acting, which is always something to be respected.

These are just some of the people that have been associated with one of America’s more beloved music icons. When you consider the totality of their careers, it is clear that the combined net worth of these performers is truly staggering. They all have achieved amazing feats in their own right and still manage to live large in their star status. It is no wonder that people continue to look up to them, as they go on to accept their achievements with open arms. Bon Jovi is the quintessential rock star of our time, and anyone who ever saw their performances live will agree.