New Song By Ozzy Osbourne: “It’s A Big World”

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New Song By Ozzy Osbourne: “It’s A Big World”

“New Song,” by English musician Howard Jones, was released in September of 1983. The song reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart, making it the second fastest selling single in that year. The single spent 20 consecutive weeks at the Top 75. On the UK single, the words of the song are written in a straight spiral on the side A-side, with the credits on the B Side. The last verse is on an alternate C minor blues scale.

The second verse consists of a barre chord, which changes as the song goes on. Jones wrote and sang the entire song with his own voice. For many musicians, this is a difficult task to master. The lyrics consist only of short phrases, interspersed with bass drum riffs, percussion, keyboards, and guitar leads. It is interesting to note that the songs played on both sides of the band were recorded separately and then mixed together using multitrack tape.

“New Song,” is notable for being one of only two songs (along with “I Remember You”) from the album Please! That You Love Me, which featured Jones’ full band, which featured keyboards and horns. The song was very popular with female listeners to, who typically respond with “yes.”

The first verse of the New Song focuses on Jones’ childhood love of country music and the memories he holds of sitting around with his father listening to “old timers” and hoping they would someday sing like him. In the second verse, Jones reminisces about meeting singers whom he considers “the unsung heroes of rock and roll.” He also recalls the first time he saw Pat Boone. While the listener may have come to see Pat Boone as an old man in the past, this memory will cause many people to think of him as a young man in today’s world.

Jones expresses his admiration for artists such as Elvis and Bob Dylan, particularly in this new song, as he relates how he once wanted to be like them. The lyrics also speak about the band Traveling Wiliams. Jones states in the chorus that he wants to “sing like them all day and night.” As he sings this new song, many people will certainly think of The Beatles and specifically John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

The music video features many of the band members, in addition to Jones. Many fans will be glad to see John Lennon in the video because they are able to view their old idols while viewing new songs. In the video, Jones can also be seen wearing a shirt that has the insignia of The Beatles. Hopefully, fans will continue to view new music videos featuring Jones and the band The Beatles.