Bon Jovi – Music Review

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Bon Jovi – Music Review

Bon Jovi is one of the biggest draws of the 1990s. Although the lead singer was known for his insane performances in the group, his personal style still helped to make it a massive hit. The reason for this? Simply put, Bon Jovi understood how to appeal to both audiences. He took songs that were both ragged and country-like, but at the same time created a melody that made them sing.

When talking about the impact of Bon Jovi, one of the first things that come to mind are his incredible ability to draw a crowd. On top of that, he wrote and sang most of his own material. Though his voice is not as soothing as that of many performers, his ability to connect with audience members has always made him an unforgettable performer. His music has always offered something new and memorable, which makes his fans even more loyal.

When it comes to his music, there are several styles that stand out. There is country music for those who prefer the tried and true acoustic numbers. Those who love the rock sound can try the hits from his album “Rated R”. Most fans however, prefer the more pop-oriented sounds from albums like “Wanted Dead Or Alive” and “The Real Drive”. Both of these featured Bon Jovi singing along with some help from original member David Lee Roth. The unique sound mix mixed with great lyrics and great melodies makes for an unforgettable album.

Bon Jovi’s music also includes rap, pop, alternative, as well as Christian music. So no matter what your musical taste is, you are likely to be able to find a song that fits you. It is also important to remember that the music that influenced him changed throughout his career. When a fan hears a song that he or she enjoys, they may want to listen to it again. This type of song repetition has become a very important part of Bon Jovi’s catalog.

Throughout the interview, I asked him about several topics of interest. As he talked, it became apparent that his greatest musical influences were from growing up in Ohio. When he was in high school he would listen to rock songs by such artists as: Bob Seger, Eddie Cochran, Buffalo Springfield, Cream, and Aerosmith. During our talk, he also revealed that he often listened to the motivational talks of Bill Gates. While many people may assume that listening to inspirational speakers can lead to a faith-based perspective, it was interesting to learn that Bon Jovi actually found it strengthening to have a lot of faith in himself.

Throughout his musical career he has released music from various genres. Some of his best include “Cradle Of Love”,” Wanted Dead Or Alive”, “Livin’ On A Sunday Night”, “I Want to Be Your Man”, and “Bad Sunday”. Some of his other lesser known albums include “American Pie” and “Hits”. Although many artists choose to limit their musical output to one or two records, Bon Jovi has created forty plus solo albums. His extensive catalog of work is something that will please just about any listener.