Microsoft is honoring the Music Industry With ‘The Oscars’ of Music

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Microsoft is honoring the Music Industry With ‘The Oscars’ of Music

The annual Billboard Music Awards (BMAs), named after musician Beyonce Knowles, is the awards show that celebrates the best of popular music. Unlike many music industry award shows, which honor a chosen genre or artists, the BMAs honor the most promising up-and-coming talent in today’s music industry. Selections are based on numerous factors, including album sales and chart positions, as well as critical acclaim, awards and nominations. As one of the most prestigious and recognized music award ceremonies in the world, the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony is seen as a crucial matchmaker between new and established artists and producers.

The Billboard Music Awards is an internationally acclaimed music award ceremony held in the month of August. The annual event features a star-studded celebrity guest list that includes not only well-known recording artists but also music industry newcomers and veterans alike. Exclusive Guests List:

To date, the following chart-topping performers have been awarded the coveted awards: Adele, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Dave Stewart, Rihanna, and The Rolling Stones. The top three spots on this year’s Golden Globe Awards were shared by Adele, Rihanna, and Dave Matthews Band. This prestigious honor is presented by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and is the only Golden Globe Award ceremony to feature a musical category. Past recipients have included hits from everywhere, including Rihanna, Kanye West, and Fergie. The Recording Academy’s website notes that the Awards are intended “to celebrate and recognize achievement in the music business.”

In addition to music awards programs, many artists and presenters use live performances as the basis for the award presentations. An increasing number of artists are beginning to publicly accept songwriting and performing awards to support their careers. These ceremonies are no longer relegated to the entertainment world. Past recipients of the Professional Achievement Award have included artists like Elton John themselves. A number of corporate clients and moguls have also chosen to honor an outstanding contribution to their company by presenting a Golden Globe Award.

Whether honoring a solo performer or a group, a variety of artistic presentations are being used to honor those who enrich our culture. Hypothetically speaking, the music awards shown in theatres and arenas around the world can be presented in much the same way as the literary and technical presentations presented at these events. Microsoft has recently announced that they will be hosting an annual music awards ceremony that will celebrate the growth of the music industry worldwide.

The Recording Academy’s website states that they “celebrate the forward progression of music businesses.” They further added, “In recognition of the significant contributions made by artists in bringing music to new heights, as well as the many faces and stories behind the music, we celebrate their visions with annual Country Music Awards.” What a refreshingly original thought. Artists and fans everywhere are honored at this very worthy award. Who knows what next Microsoft will come up with next? I bet we all wait until they start making games involving music awards.